To SHRED or not to SHRED?

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Once you allow information to leave your site - in the trash or in the hands of a recycling company - you've lost control. You have put yourself and your company at risk. Any kind of record - customer lists, inter-office memos, payroll information, and much more - could be used to compromise your organizations security. In fact, under various privacy laws, if your personnel files or other types of records are disclosed to outside parties - even by accident - it could be grounds for a lawsuit.
Bethlehem Shredding & Record Storage can provide you with a completely self-contained, high volume, mobile, shredding services that comes directly to your business. Your confidential records are quickly and effectively destroyed without interruption of your business operations. Bethlehem Shredding & Record Storage is committed to saving you time, money, and labor by providing you with a cost-effective alternative to maintaining equipment, space, and personnel!
Why take a chance? Shred it completely with the help of Bethlehem Shredding & Record Storage

Businesses should create a list of the types of documents that should be shred on a regular basis:

    Bank Statements
    • Unused Checks
    • Records from your Insurance Agency
    • Expired Contracts and Legal Documents
    • Outdated medical records
    • Credit Card Statements and Receipts
    • Customer Lists
    • Employee information
    • Proprietary Data